Digital Marketer, Copywriter, Media Buyer (FB)

I’m a Bioscience Researcher turned self-taught Marketing Specialist, but I’ll save you some eye-rolling by skipping the trope of “using science to direct my marketing”.

Instead, here’s the real scoop – I got bored of looking at cells and got really interested in what made humans tick instead.

How’s it going thus far?

On track…I guess? Thus far, I’ve helped:

  • a local swim school to generate new leads and sales with LTVs from $3,000, using paid marketing.
  • a finance education company increase their reach by 23.6% and targeted leads by 34.8% through direct conversion paid advertising.
  • a photographers’ association grow their organic traffic by ~250% through strategic content marketing,
  • a local café to sharpen their brand identify and develop their persona to better connect with customers,
  • and several others.

Prefer the real deal over the fluff? Me too. Hit me up if you need help with marketing, or finding out what makes arks your customers tick.

☕Oh, I function on caffeine, which is really convenient because I operate Alliance Coffee Singapore, a mobile coffee cart service too.

Some additional accolades: