Wee Yen Yee

Digital Marketer, Copywriter, Media Buyer (FB), Barista

I’m a Bioscience Researcher turned self-taught Marketing Specialist, but I’ll save you some eye-rolling by skipping the usual “I’m passionate about using science to direct my marketing” trope.

Instead, here’s the scoop – I got bored of finding out how things work at a cellular level and got really interested in what made humans tick instead.

How’s it going thus far?

Heard of the saying “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know”.

Well, that about sums it up…I guess? Thus far, I’ve helped:

  • a local swim school to generate new leads and sales with LTVs from $3,000, using paid marketing.
  • a finance education company increase their reach by ~25% and targeted leads by ~30% through direct conversion paid advertising.
  • a photographers’ association grow their organic traffic by ~250% through strategic content marketing,
  • a local café to sharpen their brand identify and develop their brand persona to better connect with customers,
  • and several others.

Prefer the real deal over fluff? Me too. Hit me up if you need help with marketing, or finding out what makes arks your customers tick.

☕Oh, I function on caffeine, which is really convenient because I operate Alliance Coffee Singapore, a mobile coffee cart service too.

Additional textbook knowledge I’ve accumulated:

Advanced GA
GA for Beginners