Consistency: The true strategy to success in any field

As the saying goes, “All roads lead to Rome”.

However, it seems easy to forget that in order to get to Rome, we have to stay on course.

Too often, we change course when we get enticed by a “better”, “easier”, “faster” route.

And we end up getting nowhere.

Some have it worse, they end up back at the starting point.

Reminder to myself

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of newer, shinier trends.

But always stick to the original plan.

//Investing Analogy//

It’s easy to chase stocks when they are breaking new highs and everyone is talking about them. However, the investors making the profits are those who have invested early. If you were to jump onto the bandwagon along with the crowd, you’re just contributing to the profits of others.

Sticking to the plan, even when things get rough

It’s always inspiring to watch others’ improvement, especially on time-lapsed videos or journals.

Put in the time and effort. And you’ll experience similar growth…when you look back (over a long time period).

Being consistent allows you to tap into the effects of time and experience.

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