Own a domain or publish on an established platform?

You may have heard of writers or content creators making a good living on platforms like substack, patreon, medium or if you’re into cryptocurrency, mirror.xyz.

With so many platforms to choose from today, should brands publish on platforms with existing traffic or on your own domain (aka URL)?

Do both.

Write/create and grow a community on platforms, but own your community at your own domain.

We can’t and don’t own most things (including most of the content we put out) on the internet.

A web domain is one of the few exceptions. An email list is another.

On 4th Oct 2021, facebook (and its platforms like Instagram) went down for hours.

Lucky for us, we were asleep.

Unlucky for businesses that rely on the platforms and saw a stagnant sales revenue on that day.

Choose the alternative that would give you access to your customers and community even if platforms fall.

As we move towards web3.0, we’re taking a step into a world reliant on codes. It could be mostly failsafe, but it’s our job as business owners to ensure that the show can go on, even when the world decides to take a break.

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