4 psychological tools that’ll help you capture your customers hearts (and wallets)

Merchants are like playwrights and the journey of selling is the emotional plot written by them. 

Here’re 4 psychological tools that’ll help you capture your customers hearts…and wallets: 

1. Be Empathetic 

Most cold calls fail because the salesperson is often trained to recite a sales script in record time, leaving the potential customer flustered and ending the call feeling pissed off. 

Instead of budging into your customer’s day with a general sales script, aim to connect with them first. 

Show them that you understand their pain and share their (often lofty) goals. 

Extra points if you can share a personal story on your experience of the same (or similar pain), how you overcame it and attained the lofty goal. 

2. Give Hope

When one is feeling hopeless, it leads to inaction – why bother to do anything when there’s no hope of solving the issue? 

If you’d like your customer to take action, give them hope. 

Show them that there’s light at the end of the tunnel and that they too can get through it soon. 

Extra points if you can show them how.

3. Share the solution that’ll resolve their problem

Show them the way to resolve their problem and they’ll love you for it. 

Did you know that meditation is a multi-billion dollar industry estimated to be worth $2b in 2022? 

People are looking for answers to their problems, and they are willing to pay for it…but only if they know and trust that your solution can help them.

4. Help them resolve their problem

There are people who are looking to do-it-themselves, but there are even more people who are looking for a quick fix to their problems.

If you can make it even easier for them to resolve their problem, show them and they will come.

Extra point if they don’t have to do the heavy lifting themselves.

Be a better playwright

From the excitement of discovering something that’ll make their future better, to the anxiousness of committing to the solution, the sales process is a highly emotional journey that your customer will experience.

And you get to direct it all. Do your part well.

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