Two fundamental ways to reach your target audience

Russell Brunson highlights two ways to reach customers:

  • Search Marketing
  • Interruption Marketing

Despite having new, (possibly) attractive names, they boil down to the same fundamentals that’ve been in use (and taught) since the Mad Men era – pull and push marketing.

As their names suggest…

Pull marketing: Campaigns done to attract your target audience to your business

This form of marketing generates less resistance when it comes to fighting for the attention of your audience. In fact, many times your audience come to you willingly.

That said, it should be not taken for granted. Just because a potential customer found you, have learnt all about your product or service, it doesn’t mean they’ll buy.

Pull marketing campaigns will still require well tuned business models and sales funnels to convert the incoming traffic into actual sales.

Just because they’re paying attention, it doesn’t mean they’ll buy!

Some examples of pull marketing are content marketing, influencer marketing, search marketing, etc.

Push marketing: campaigns done to place your business in front of your target audience

Push marketing often includes an element of interruption.

Your target audience may not be in the right frame of mind to receive information about your product or services. Hence, they may not pay attention to the information.

Push marketing often requires an attention grabbing element which’ll invite your target audience to learn more about your offering.

Some examples of push marketing are influencer marketing, paid ads, etc.

Pull Marketing in the 21st Century

Blogs and email used to rule this category.

In the 21st century, Brunson highlights social media as an important tool for pull marketing.

We’ve been using social media wrongly – instead of passively scrolling and consuming posts on these platforms, we as businesses and marketers should be spending our time producing the posts instead.

His advice: Use social media wisely. Use it to connect with key persons of influence, build authentic relationships with them and to build a following by creating content.

Push Marketing in the 21st Century

TV, Radio, Billboard ads used to be kings of above the fold push marketing.

Today, social media and the internet is where most of the push marketing happens. And the barrier of entry is no longer sky high either. Any small business or freelancer can set up a facebook ad account and run a push marketing campaign for a small budget.

What’s next?

The world continues to evolve and the way our customers consume information will definitely change accordingly.

However, the fundamentals remain the same. If you’re overwhelmed, take a step back and relook into the fundamentals.

featured image is by Mike Chai on pexel.

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