The robots are coming for us?…

The arrival of ChatGPT had captured the attention of the world – everyone from the technical programmers to my parents seem to have heard of it.

Developers are excited about the future.
My parents on the other hand are wondering how teachers around the world are going to handle the AI generated homework that students may submit.

Thankfully, it’s the holiday season now and school kids in SG haven’t had a chance to jump on the bandwagon. And OpenAI is trying to watermark ChatGPT’s output.

The advent of ChatGPT to marketers is reminiscent of the introduction of digital cameras to photographers. And if it follows the trajectory of DSLRs, we’ll soon see more sophisticated SaaS tools for marketers powered by AI.

Would you worry about your rice bowl and do a mid-career switch because “AI will steal my job”, or would you rise up and learn to use AI as a tool to become a better marketer?

Technology isn’t new to marketers – many of us have been using Python to make our processes more efficient. I believe AI will become more of a tool.

Here’re some ways we can immediately use AI to become more efficient as marketers;

1) Dream up ideas with greater ease

As a marketer, ideation is a key task. Some days, starting on a blank page is tough. AI could help us overcome the blank page syndrome.

2) Speed up your copywriting process

If you pride yourself as a copywriter, the arrival of tools like Jasper, CopyAI and even ChatGPT probably feel threatening. On the flipside, these tools can help speed up your copywriting process. You could generate a first draft in minutes and refine it to your high standards, and probably be able to churn out way more copy that converts.

3) Funky images

While the debate on AI generated images and copyright hangs overhead, the availability of AI image generators mean that we can now create funky original, thumb stopping images, using words. Not every marketer can draw after all.

These are just 3 simple ways we can use AI to make our jobs easier. I’m pretty sure many new solutions will develop as more sophisticated AI is released to the public.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength” – Marcus Aurelius

Let’s not let ego get in the way of our progress as marketers.

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