The 2 Levels of ‘Needs’

As businesses, we are often told to ‘deliver value’. But what is ‘value’? This article is an exploration of that question.

When dealing with clients and customers, there are two levels of needs:

  • the superficial need that is outrightly declared, &
  • an internal, unspoken need.

The Obvious

A better product, a better solution, a better way to alleviate their pain.

That’s what your target audience wants right?

Well, yes.

On the superficial level.

They need the product features that you’ve worked so hard to provide and are so proud of.

And then, there’s the underlying, unspoken need.

Which also often turns out to be…

The True Motivation

If you’ve heard of salespeople who can clinch deals even when their proposal is more expensive and offers less value for money, this is the cog that runs those deals.

Nothing ‘dirty’ or unscrupulous about such deals.

Instead, these master salespeople simply leave the impression that:

“yea this person’s proposal isn’t the best, but he sure understands our (my) needs better. I’m sure we can work better together, and overcome the gaps in their proposal.”

Should we relook at how we approach sales / marketing?

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